Saturday, February 28, 2015

Around the 'Net

Speaking of Leonard Nimoy, Hollywood writer Mark Evanier has a great Nimoy anecdote over at his blog News From ME. Check it out here

Speaking of Spider-Man, pop culture site Dial B for Blog has a fantastic multi-part analysis of the creation of the wall crawler. The articles are well-researched and fascinating, but I don't necessarily agree with all of blogger Robby Reed's conclusions. While Steve Ditko is a genius, I don't look at Ditko as sole creator of the character and Stan Lee as a glorified typist. Not to take a shred of credit from Ditko's design work, art and plots, but I don't believe things were that simple. Would he have been the same character without Lee's brilliant dialog and characterization? Decide for yourself, part one can be found here


  1. Any character in a media such as Comics is going to be the combined work of several people. And I bristle (bristle, I say!) at anyone's notion that any Marvel characters were the sole idea of one person.

  2. Agreed! But I do appreciate the research that went into those articles. I learned a lot of new stuff abour Spider-Man's creation. As a writer, I tend to side with the writer in a lot of comics creation battles--they breathe life into the characters. But I realize it is a collaborative process and the artist is just as important in a lot of comics creations. Artist/writer creators must sigh with relief that they have no one to argue with over the creation of their characters.