Saturday, February 27, 2016

Superhero Controversy - Iron Fist

Finn Jones

Iron Fist
According to several news sources (here's a link from the Business Insider), the SJWs have gotten their panties in a bunch because white actor Finn Jones was chosen to play Marvel's Iron Fist in his upcoming Netflix series. Never mind that Marvel is sticking with the source material--white kid gets orphaned near a mystical city in the Orient; he is taken in and trained to be a martial artist. But the most intolerant SJWs are insisting that due to all white people being hateful bigots blah, blah, blah, Marvel should have hired an Asian actor to balance the scales. By insisting Marvel change the race of a white character to Asian, and ONLY Asians can be cast as martial artists, aren't they being as racist as the people they are accusing?

Once again, tolerant people are the most intolerant people I know. Oh, and if Marvel wants to add Chinese character Shang Chi, one of my absolute favorite comics characters, to the guest list of the Iron Fist show, by all means do so. Everyone wins.

Shang Chi

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