Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fans Strike Back against SJW Marvel

It’s sad to think what (SJW) Marvel Comics has become. Instead of telling adventure stories about heroes and villains and good vs. evil, SJW Marvel has chosen to publish comics about social issues, alternative lifestyles and how racist/intolerant/xenophobic, etc. America is. Of course their traditional audience has fled in droves, decimating their sales and crashing the company’s comic publishing division. What is Marvel’s response? More SJW characters. Fewer classic characters. No stories about heroes fighting villains (unless those villains are Christians, conservatives or businessmen—those evils exist at Marvel to be killed or beaten vociferously).

Diversity & Comics is one of the many YouTube Channels run by an unhappy fan who, like me, detests this new SJW Marvel. The host is a talented artist and insightful commentator with excellent judgment and a refreshing sense of humor. He is fighting for Marvel to bring back intelligent stories with no agenda and no ax to grind. That’s all we ask!

One of the running jokes on Diversity is about Marvel’s new Iron Man, RiRi Williams. For those who haven’t heard, RiRi is a teenaged black girl who stole materials from MIT to make her own version of the Iron Man armor. She is immediately feted by the world for being a savior and genius, the most heroic heroine who ever lived, despite having no real accomplishments except theft and good technical knowledge. RiRi is an obnoxious, clueless character who actually asks other people to denounce her so she can claim racism. While SJW Marvel lifts her up as a heroine, Diversity has a running gag that she is really meant to be a super-villain. To this end, Diversity’s host has commissioned a satirical comic story about RiRi as villain. It’s only ten pages and is hilarious. 

Here is the video where Diversity explains the project: 

And here is the actual comic, which anyone can read free of charge:

Diversity has other such stories planned tweaking different books and characters at SJW Marvel. Fans have been fed up for years that our characters are killed or replaced and our beliefs are mocked by a company we used to love. It’s about time someone struck back. And the way they do it is delicious. This isn’t just about mocking SJW Marvel. It’s about returning sanity and the characters we love to the company. Check it out. Again, this and all subsequent stories will be free to readers.

Rating: ***** out of 5

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