Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hugo Controversy Heats Up

Vader Reads Correia
For those not following the Hugo controversy, here is my boiled down version:

- The Hugos are genre awards for literature and other media (generally sci fi/fantasy) given out at Worldcon. They are known as the most prestigious awards in the world for sci fi/fantasy literature.

- Liberal/progressive themes have been nominated and won the lion’s share of awards for years, with literature of any other political—or neutral—persuasion excluded.

- Some authors, tired of the lopsided and overly political atmosphere of the most prestigious awards in the world, decided to urge readers to look at a larger slate of novels to nominate, free of any political prejudice. This was mostly spearheaded by ace writer Larry Correia, in a campaign hilariously named “Sad Puppies.”  

- This worked, and many novels with not-necessarily-progressive themes were nominated this year. Mr. Correia himself won a nomination, but recused himself due to the campaign. Now many liberal Worldcon members and voters are angry (I mean going off the rails angry) with Mr. Correia and his friends who worked to make sure the Hugo nomination process was more diverse.  

I absolutely, unequivocally love both of these writers. And unlike most of the general debate, Martin’s and Correia’s comments are (mostly) polite and well reasoned. For the record, Correia is right and, with all due respect, Martin is wrong. Not in his personal opinions, but that this is a bad thing. 


  1. Martin needs to quit blogging, quit going to Cons and generally shut up until he finishes a Song of Fire and Ice. If he could release books as fast as Correia, I'd care more about his POV.

  2. Correia is certainly a fast writer, Mark! And I love his books. I would have liked to read the ending of Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" in the books (which I've been reading since they came out years ago) instead of on the TV show. Guess that's the way it works sometimes.

  3. What I like about Correia is how he responds to what people say in detail. His detractors always get hysterical with the insults. At lot of people either don't know or don't care that shouting sexism or racism isn't in itself a logical argument.

  4. Fantastic point, Ja D! Not that Correia has been above dishing some Internet anger, but only after being beaten like a wet dog with unreasonable and false accusations. He never starts the fight, but he always finishes it. In this case, I believe he is being totally reasonable about his views and goals. And he accomplished them beautifully. A more diverse Hugo slate is a good thing, despite the intolerance of the "tolerant."