Monday, November 3, 2014

Movies –Marvel Studios Phase 3 Movie Announcements

Last week Marvel announced their Phase 3 movie slate from now until 2020. Let’s take a look.

2016: Captain America 3: Civil War
This is one of the only movies on the slate I’m not super excited about. The Civil War comic storyline, on which I presume this will be based, was terrible. Heroes fought heroes about something they should have discussed, not tried to kill each other over. It was written by the awful Mark Millar, king of plot-hammering and out of character dialog and characterization. The plot will apparently be Captain America against Iron Man, with other heroes backing each side. I would rather see them fight Kang (or some other villain) together. Marvel movie time is too scarce to waste on infighting.

2016: Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange is a favorite character. There have been some great comic book runs on Dr. Strange, but overall Marvel has never really known what to do with him. They’ve started with some great casting, as Benedict Cumberbatch has recently signed to play him. That’s a great choice. One thing: Marvel is scared to death of any costume remotely like characters wear in comics. This is essential for Dr. Strange as he has one of the best comic book costumes, especially the dynamic “cloak of levitation.” Here’s hoping they stick with Ditko’s perfect design, rather than that black leather ninja crap.

2017: Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2
Loved the first one. Start the Dance Off, turd blossom. On to Mix Tape 3!

2017: Thor 3: Ragnarok
Which of these facts is more amazing:
- That a movie was ever made about Marvel’s Thor
- The fact that movie was good
- That a second movie was made about Marvel’s Thor
- That that movie was good
- That a third movie is being made about Marvel’s Thor

I still can’t really wrap my head around it. But I love the movies. On to Ragnarok!

2017: Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman and Panther Costume Design
I’ve been waiting for this one since day one. I love everything about the Black Panther. The costume, the origin, the backstory. T’Challa is an African king who moonlights as one of the Avengers. Even the design looks like the comics (this one time black leather ninja crap is all right). I’m not familiar with the actor playing him (Chadwick Boseman), but I’ve learned to trust Marvel casting. This is my most anticipated movie on the list. Hopefully they will base the movie on writer Christopher Priest’s run of the comic. No better Panther stories were ever told.  

2018: Captain Marvel
This is fine, Captain Marvel is a likable enough character and it’s nice to see a female hero get some cinematic love from Marvel. I’d like to see some of the stories—and costume—from the Brian Reed run on the Ms. Marvel book, but those stories are probably forgotten by Marvel. Still, should be a good spectacle. There are a lot of female Marvel characters I like better though, such as Scarlet Witch, Wasp and Invisible Woman.

2018: Inhumans
No particular love for the Inhumans. They’re fun, but not essential to the Marvel Universe. The only reason they are on this list is that Fox owns the rights to the X-Men movies, not Marvel. Inhuman powers are pretty much like mutant powers. I’d much, much rather see Marvel doing its own X-Men movies, but there you go. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

2018 & 2019: Avengers: Infinity War
What a great idea: a story so big Marvel has to spread it over two Avengers movies in two years. I can only hope Joss Whedon does the writing and directing. And that they introduce a ton more Avengers and crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy. The plot will no doubt consist of all-out war with Thanos over the Infinity Gauntlet and gems. Let the $100 million mayhem begin.
All in all, more smart decisions from Marvel Films. I’m looking forward to every movie on the list, with the possible exceptions of Civil War and Inhumans, both of which I’m sure I’ll see. This is a great time to be a Marvel movie fan.

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