Saturday, October 4, 2014

Books - Queen City Gothic by J.T. Townsend

First time author J.T. Townsend knocks it out of the ballpark with Queen City Gothic, about the most famous unsolved murder cases in Cincinnati history. In these cases there lie equal parts interest, fascination and frustration that the authorities have never solved the mystery or punished the perpetrators. Each case keeps the reader up at night turning pages, but the one that I can't stop thinking about is the Bricca case, and the eyes of the beautiful little girl that will never age. Equally frustrating are the cases that were solved (sometimes with a confession!), but were botched due to police incompetence or O.J.-level jury stupidity. Other cases examined here include the Cincinnati Strangler, the Cumminsville Railroad Killer, the shooting of Frances Marie Brady and many others. A well-researched, outstanding true crime book the reader won't be able to put down. I'm looking forward to the author's next, about the most famous solved cases in Cincinnati history.
J.T. also does a terrific series of murder case lectures around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, about everything from the cases in QCG to Lizzie Borden (spoiler: she did it) and Jack the Ripper. These are riveting, not-to-be missed talks by a true expert. I dare you to be bored during a presentation by J.T. Townsend. J.T. will be presenting his next Jack the Ripper lecture on October 21st at 7:00pm at the Florence branch of the Boone County Library (7425 U.S. 42, Florence, KY). I'll be there.

Check out J.T.'s website for more information.

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