Monday, June 9, 2014

Link of the Day - How Liberalism Became Kryptonite for Superman

I've been concerned for years about media unfairly pushing a leftist or liberal agenda, while marginalizing any other point of view. This has been especially true in mainstream comic books. Once a bastion of anti-commie, pro-capitalist thought, comics are now published mostly to push an agenda. And that agenda is not conservative. I'm not much for any type of agenda pushing in any media. In comics I would prefer creative ideas and adventure stories, not endless tales of why Wolverine has two daddies.

Comic book writer and novelist Chuck Dixon and his artist partner Paul Rivoche look at this phenomenon in an important article in today's Wall Street Journal. Here's the link:

The article is titled How Liberalism Became Kryptonite for Superman (A graphic tale of modern comic books' descent into moral relativism)

 Here is an excerpt:

"In the 900th issue of Action Comics, Superman decides to go before the United Nations and renounce his U.S. citizenship." 'Truth, justice and the American way'—it's not enough any more," he despairs. That issue, published in April 2011, is perhaps the most dramatic example of modern comics' descent into political correctness, moral ambiguity and leftist ideology.

We are comic-book artists and comics are our passion. But more important they've inspired and shaped many millions of young Americans. Our fear is that today's young comic-book readers are being ill-served by a medium that often presents heroes as morally compromised or no different from the criminals they battle. With the rise of moral relativism, "truth, justice and the American way" have lost their meaning."

If you run into WSJ's pay wall, Google the title of the article + "Wall Street Journal" and you can read the article with no obstruction. It's well worth your valuable time.

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