Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Graphic Novels – Muse

From Humanoids Publishing, this American reprint of the French graphic album Muse offers some of the finest artwork of its kind, especially of the female form. Artist Terry Dodson was obviously given the time to obsess over each panel, figure, character and background. Dodson is a visionary artist in his superhero work—particularly with female characters. He loves drawing beautiful, curvaceous women and does it well. Here he surpasses his best art for mainstream American comics. It’s a visual treat to see him turned loose.
As for the plot, a.) who really cares, and b.) it makes no sense whatsoever. Coraline is a tall, buxom blonde hired as governess for Master Vernere, a brilliant and eccentric boy inventor. While becoming accustomed to his strange lifestyle, she is troubled by bizarre dreams when she falls asleep. Each night, she goes into the wardrobe and finds more than a lion or a witch. Inside are two fussy tailors who fit her for a new outrageous costume. She then moves through another door and into a world of grand adventure. One night she is captured by pirates. The next she fights cannibals, the next a Sultan and his guards. In each adventure, one of the brigands tries to have sex with her. Each night she rebuffs the scoundrel with a slap to the face, then wakes up in her own bed. This continues for days, until she figures out what is happening and confronts the person responsible. How she figures it out, and why this is happening, is a puzzle more opaque than the Gordian Knot and why Kim Kardashian is famous put together. I read the book and I have absolutely no clue.
Figuring it out isn’t necessary. Just enjoy the adventure, locations and good-girl art by an artist at the height of his powers. This book is a cheesecake delight and does contain nudity.

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