Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Interesting links from around the Web:

- Politics and Science Ficton: Awesome fantasy/sci-fi writer Larry Correia is a right-leaning libertarian who thinks politics don’t belong in fiction. At least not as a bludgeon to hurt writers that don’t follow the current groupthink. He speaks iron words on his blog about the subject regularly. He makes his points so well that USA Today did a column about his views--check it out here.
- Suicide Most Foul: A wife kills herself and the husband is charged with the crime. Is there a better example of how marriage works?

- Attack of the Octo: For natural history lovers—a short film called True Facts about the Octopus. Funny and educational!

- Mental Floss: Author John Green runs a great site called Mental Floss. In this vignette, Green presents “30 Life Hacks Debunked,” testing urban and Internet legends to see if they really work.  I’ve tried the “forks in the Oreo” one and it works like a charm. Can’t wait to try the “fast chilling bottles.” Different and watchable.

- UFO Rampage: Finally, Skeptoid looks at the Tehran 1976 UFO incident. Out of all the encounters I’ve heard of or read about, there may actually be something to this one. Doesn’t mean the object was an alien spacecraft—just that there are some things about it that are tough to explain.

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